Bigbang - Made (The Full Album)
Bigbang - Made (The Full Album)

Bigbang - Made (The Full Album)


Made (stylized as MADE) is the third Korean studio album and the fifth Japanese studio album by South Korean boy band Big Bang. Made was preceded by four single albums containing eight songs, all released in 2015. After over a year of delay, the full album was released on December 12, 2016. It marks the group's comeback after a three-year hiatus and their first Korean studio album in eight years. Made charted at number one on the South Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese albums charts and, including the four single albums, sold over six million copies in China alone.

Track Listing

1. Fxxk It (에라 모르겠다; era moreugedda)
2. Last Dance
3. Girlfriend
4. Let's Not Fall In Love (우리 사랑하지 말아요; uri saranghaji marayo)
5. Loser
6. Bae Bae
7. Bang Bang Bang
8. Sober (맨정신; maenjeongsin)
9. If You
10. Zutter (GD & T.O.P) (쩔어; jjeoreo, meaning "dope")
11. We Like 2 Party

Release Date - December 12, 2017